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The Hollie Mignon Diggs Memorial Trust
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About the Hollie Mignon Diggs Memorial Trust

Hollie Mignon Diggs was an Intake Officer for the 9th District Juvenile Court Services in Williamsburg, Virginia prior to her untimely death in August 2002.

During her tenure with the Commonwealth, Hollie worked diligently to ensure that children and families received the services necessary for them to resolve their life's dilemma, and resume their role as contributing members of their communities.

However, Hollie often faced situations in which the services a child and/or their family needed were not available, or were already beyond capacity. In 2001, Virginia reported 6,000 founded complaints of children in need of protection; 40,000 child victims; 7,600 children in foster care; 3,700 abused children; and 29 child deaths.

In honoring Hollie, and keeping her forever in our eyes we want to continue her work with youth by changing the way Virginia cares for her children and families.

The Hollie Mignon Diggs Memorial Trust and Youth Ranch, Inc. was established in 2004 as a non-profit corporation for this purpose. The trust is used to create opportunities, programs, services, and facilities that will meet the current and future needs of children and families in Virginia.



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